Wine Making

South African Chenin Blanc
Wine Expert World Vineyard kit

Start : Added 2 cups sugar and one TBS. yeast nutrient with 3 gallons of water with the 3 gallons of juice concentrate in 6.5gal fermenter.  Also added 6 crushed potassium metabisulfite tabs and the packet of bentonite.  (will wait 24hrs to add yeast)
SG = 1.094  Temp : 70F

Hydrated yeast 5g of Lalvin EC-1118 (Saccharomyces bayanus) in 6g geoferm and pinch of sugar in 85ml water.  Yeast was added when mix  was 103F and left on stir plate for 30min then pitched directly to fermenter and mixed in then covered with lid and airlock.
SG = 1.094  Temp : 70F  Potential alcohol 13.32%

Airlock starting to bubble at full speed!

SG = 1.05  Temp : 70F  Estimated  Alcohol = 5.98%

Racked from primary to secondary topped off with 1cup sugar dissolved into 1qt water.
SG = 1.01 –raised to–>1.014  Temp : 70F  Potential Alcohol = 13.86%
(notes : next time let SG drop to .998 to avoid foam overflow during secondary fermentation.)

Added sodium metabisulfite and sorbate in ½ cup cold water.  Degassed wine and added isinglass as well.  Wine was not racked and degassing made sure sediment and clearing agents were all mixed in well.  Will wait 2-3 weeks to clarify.
SG = .992  Temp : 70F  Potential Alcohol = 14.4%

Rack to new carboy for further clarifying and to get ready for bottling.

Bottling day!  Rack to bottling bucket to remove the thin layer of sediment in carboy. Made 31 and a half bottles (750ml).

Testing, Testing, 1,2!  Man what a kick!  Strong alcohol punch with a crisp sour apple flavor.  Can taste the sulfite fairly strong as well but it has only been 3 months.  6 -12 months aging will fade this.

Makes great White Sangria!  I really appreciate the strong sour apple taste in this one and the high alcohol content as well.  Some may not like the high alcohol taste and that is fine.  If you want to try this kit and that is the case just leave out the added sugar and only use the kit as the instructions say.  Overall my friends and family all like this one and many cannot believe I made this myself.

Perfect! Wow it is amazing how much smoother this tastes! Judging by the sediment on the side of the bottle I must have had some live yeast make it to bottling. It’s all good though just take extra care not to disturb it simply by pouring into a decanter keeping the sediment side down. Pour slow and keep an eye on the sediment as it will actually flow slower allowing you to pour all but about one small glass out without getting any sediment/cloudiness in your pour. It seems to still have that high alcohol content I remember and perhaps slightly more… Anyways just thought I would do an update and raise a glass to all those who have served our great country. Here’s to all the Police, Firefighters, Doctors (and staff), Teachers, Military, and even our Politicians (you put them in office whether you vote or not). Thank you all for your service, cheers!

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  1. Tom Maiden says:

    Ah pal, I am shammered right now just from reading this super exciting update entries on your wine making experience! Reading this and how detailed you were made it seem just as if I drank some myself!!! My head is spinning pal!!!

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