Welcome To My Website

I started this site to learn a little more about webdesign using my new Chromebook as well as keep up with some of my hobbies.  I’m going to be posting some how to tutorials on my project pages as well as log books.  As some of you may know and many fail to realize that chromebooks are completely cloud based and you cannot install standard software on them so this limits their abilities and functionality….or does it?  Well in a way yes and no.  The trick is learning the cloud way of life.  All your image editing, web design coding, and work are limited to apps available to the chrome web browser.  The cloud platform is evolving quickly making these Chromebooks  more powerful every day. This site will be a WordPress built/edited site for the time being and so far it seems to be working out great and is very simple to use.  Also this site is hosted by IPOWER

Anyway feel free to look around I’m working on laying out some pages but for now have just started some test pages.  Check back soon and thank you for visiting my site.


  1. Kurt says:

    Your pipes are amazing!

    Your “Fourth of Julƴ 2014” pipe is just Awesome!! So artisticly designed and so expertly crafted!

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